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Top 10 Things To Do In St. Cloud to Fight Depression [Summer Edition]

By: Carlee & Dr. Miles

Although depressive feelings can lessen during the summer months, it is not a guarantee that Depression will disappear until winter. One way to combat depression is through physical activity and engagement in rewarding (feel-good) activities - add in a dose of social connection and you have a recipe for enjoyment over the summer months. Below is a list of 10 suggestions to fight Depression and take advantage of the summer months in the St. Cloud (MN) area:


1) Munsinger and Clemens Gardens

The Munsinger and Clemens Gardens are located in St. Cloud right next to the Mississippi River. These gardens are available to the public for free throughout late Spring to Fall from 7am to 10pm. There are more than 20 acres of flowers to admire!

2) Summertime by George!

If you’re a fan of live music and delicious food, check out “Summertime by George” every Wednesday at Lake George. the St. Cloud Rotary Club brings in some regional bands, local vendors, and artisans for the community to get together and have some fun. “Little Georgetown” also offers a variety of activities each week for the kids to participate in!

3) Quarry Park and Nature Preserve

With 684 acres of land to explore, the Quarry Park and Nature Preserve offers a peaceful place to get some fresh air. The park has a mixture of amenities including two swimming areas, mountain bike/hiking paths, trout fishing, geocaching, scuba diving, rock climbing, and more. There are 20 unique quarries to check out. Since parking is only $5 for a daily pass or $20 for an annual pass, this is an inexpensive way to have fun this summer.

4) Beaver Island Trail

If you’re close to the campus of SCSU, you’ll enjoy checking out the Beaver Island Trail. This scenic pathway is great for taking bike rides, going for runs, or meeting up with some friends for an evening walk. The trail is about two miles long and follows the Mississippi River for a fascinating view. There are also a few optional routes to take and some parking lots along the trail for easy access.

5) Great River Public Library

We all know too well that Minnesota weather doesn’t always cooperate, but what’s better than a cup of coffee and a good book on a rainy day? The Great River Public Library offers a free escape on the days where outside activities may be limited. Not only does the library offer a broad assortment of books, but you can also check out their DVDs, CDs, audio books, magazines, and children’s section. They have events each week for all age groups, including “One on One Computer Help” for adults and seniors to story time for the little ones.

6) Paramount Theatre

If you’d rather watch a GREAT performance, enjoy some live music, or study some local artwork, Paramount Theatre is an exciting place to spend the afternoon indoors. They have about 2-6 different events/shows per month and monthly art exhibits for all ages. At the Visual Arts Center in the lower level of the theatre, you can practice your own skills with some of the hands-on classes they provide.

7) Frisbee Golf/Footgolf

Summer means golf season, but frisbee golf and foot golf offer two alternative ways to play the sport with a little twist. There are many free frisbee golf courses located around St. Cloud, including Calvary Hill Park, River’s Edge Park, Riverside Park, Mayhew Creek Park, and more. Bring your frisbee and you can enjoy both 9 and 18 hole courses to play for free.

Footgolf is a new trend combining soccer and golf. Located at Angushire Golf Club, all ages can take on their permanent 18 hole footgolf course. The course costs less than $10 to play, and if footgolf isn’t up your alley, they have a separate 18 hole golf course to try.

8) Sand Prairie Wildlife Management

Sand Prairie Wildlife Management and Environmental Education Area is a great place to check out in St. Cloud if you’re in the mood to watch for wildlife. The diverse landscape makes a great home for many different species of birds and animals. Bring your binoculars because the observation deck is less than a mile inside the area and provides a great view. Unlike most Wildlife Management Areas, Sand Prairie is closed to hunting and trapping.

9) Summerland Family Fun Park

Family and friends can both enjoy the variation of activities that Summerland Family Fun Park has to offer. Between their water park, go-karts, batting cage, mini golf, and more, there are plenty of things to do. The rates vary per activity, but they do offer several group packages.

10) Skatin’ Place

For less than $10, Skatin’ Place is another lively indoor entertainment chain to check out in the St. Cloud area. Skatin’ Place has an indoor roller rink with in-line skates to rent and a DJ that plays a wide variety of music. Afterwards, you can enjoy a game of laser tag with up to six members on a team. They also offer an arcade, snack bar, and more.


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