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Farewell to Carlee and a Q&A

By: Dr. Miles & Carlee

As I prepare to say farewell to my first-ever employee and wish her all the best as she prepares to move on to her next steps, including an internship, graduation, and beyond. I figured I would spend a moment reflecting on how my office assistant, Carlee, helped shape the last few years at Miles Psychological Services.

I have had the pleasure of having Carlee as an assistant for the past 3 years, and she has helped welcome clients and create systems in my office that allow for smoother operation. She has worked hard to help improve my online presence and has also helped keep me informed on some of the happenings in the world of social work. Carlee has been a fantastic support to the day-to-day function of my office, and I'm certainly sad to have to say goodbye to my first employee. It has been great to work with her and I thank her wholeheartedly for being a solid assistant!

I felt it might be a fitting assignment so I tasked her with writing her final post as a Q & A to help reflect on her time at the clinic. Enjoy!


Dr. Miles: What have been some of your favorite blog posts over the past 3 years?

Carlee: I really enjoyed writing the series of “Top Ten Things to do Around St. Cloud” blog posts once or twice a year! I actually learned so much about community organizations and the many events that take place to build cohesion in our community. I even went to a few of the events I mentioned in the blog posts! On our post “Top 10 Things To Do In St. Cloud To Fight Depression [Winter Edition]”, we got to partner with some community businesses and organizations to offer our readers discounts and free stuff. It was super exciting to have those community partnerships with the clinic.

I think my top favorite blog post was “Why I Continue to Stand Strong for Standing Rock [a cultural reflection].” It was actually something I had been wanting to write for a while. My grandpa is extremely important to me, so it was comforting to write such a personal story while also writing about an issue I really care about. I look back at that blog post from time to time.

Dr. Miles: What did you enjoy about interacting with the clients at the clinic?

Carlee: I really enjoyed getting to know the clients on a more personal level. I often would see them each week and am someone to talk to while they wait. Some of the clients are hilarious and always made me laugh. Some clients trusted me enough to talk about personal issues they were facing, which I always appreciated their openness with me. Some clients gave me advice that I still think about to this day. But altogether, I always looked forward to meeting new clients and learning about their stories, what they value, and all the strengths they have.

Dr. Miles: What else did you find interesting working in a private practice setting?

Carlee: I found that working in a private practice was quite different than the other businesses and organizations I used to work at. For one, it is just me and Dr. Miles in the office, so I don’t really have any coworkers. I really enjoyed being able to sort of “create the position” and really personalize my desk/work area. I could organize things the way that worked for me without having to worry about others. I also found that I was able to make some genuine relationships with the clients. I am the first person they see when they walk in, so it was fun getting to know the clients and talk with them while they were waiting. I also think that private practices work very well for therapy because the practitioner is able to create their own schedule that allows them to give their clients the most attention possible. I think that really resonates with the clients because they feel like the practitioner is listening and truly cares. I can definitely see myself opening my own private practice farther down the road thanks to my experiences here at Miles Psychological Services.

Dr. Miles: What do you feel has been your biggest takeaway personally from working at a private practice mental health clinic?

Carlee: When I started at Miles Psychological Services, I didn’t really have any experience working in human services. I had just changed my major to social work and was still unsure if that was a good choice for me. For the past three years, I have been able to see the impact that Dr. Miles has made with his clients first-hand. I have been able to develop relationships with the clients. I have seen his clients empower themselves to make changes in their lives to the point where they don’t need to come to the clinic anymore. I think my biggest takeaway from working at the clinic was reassuring myself that I am meant to be in a helping profession. I have seen how some support and encouragement can change a person’s life, and it is truly inspirational.

Dr. Miles: Now that you've seen the inner workings of a private practice, what would you like everyone to know about [Dr. Miles]?

Carlee: Dr. Miles will ALWAYS be a huge role model for me! He is one of the most kind-hearted, genuine, and knowledgeable people I have ever met. He has given me so much support during my tough journey through college and during some other obstacles in my personal life. Dr. Miles is an employer that has treated me with respect, has taught me so much, and goes out of his way to show his appreciation, which is unlike most of my previous employers. I know that his clients feel the same way. There is a reason why he has a 5 star rating on Facebook!!

Dr. Miles: Now that your time here at the clinic is coming to an end, what's next for you?

Carlee: There are so many things I have considered doing after college, but during my last semester, I will be interning at the Central Minnesota Sexual Assault Center as a victim advocate. I am debating whether I should go right into graduate school after graduation, or get some experience first. I just know that I am very interested in working within feminist issues, whether that be one on one with clients, running educational programs, or changing policy. I am so excited to see where the next chapter of my life takes me!

Dr. Miles: Any other final reflections/comments?

Carlee: I am so appreciative of the time I have worked at Miles Psychological Services. Working here has helped me gain some valuable experience that will give me a head start as I grow into a professional. I can’t believe how fast the past three years have gone, and it is so bittersweet to reflect on where I was in life when I was hired in 2016! I want to wish Dr. Miles and all of his clients well. I won't forget the memories I have made here as I continue building my career.


Thank you, Carlee!


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