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New Year, New Challenge: 12 Charities in 12 Months

It is now the New Year, and Miles Psychological Services has set a goal. This year we would like to get more engaged in local volunteer and charity efforts. We have set a goal to get involved with 12 local charities/non-profits that are directly helping the St. Cloud area community over the next year. We are calling this challenge: “12 Charities in 12 Months”.

We encourage everyone to help out in some way. We will be featuring a non-profit each month on our facebook page, and each month Miles Psychological Services will be matching the first $100 received in donations for the charities. More information can be found here.

This month’s featured non-profit is: Grey Face Rescue

1/29/2018 UPDATE: We have received $56 so far towards our goal of $100. Thank you so much for your help assisting our community efforts!!

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