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Where did the summer go?

By: Alyssa

August; the last true month of summer before back-to-school season rushes in and autumn follows. This is the month of last minute vacations, beach trips, and projects with an “end of summer” due date. While a busy month can be exciting for some, it can cause anxiety for others. The stress we feel regarding upcoming changes is often reflected in our children. A year of “new” is about to start for them and us, but there are a variety of strategies to replace anxiety with excitement.

Getting into an organized routine with bedtime and wake-up schedules that reflect a school schedule a few weeks ahead of time will allow your family to adapt without the pressure of a school bus waiting. Stocking up on healthy breakfast items will fuel a fast-paced morning for you and your family, and many grocery chains have specials for back-to-school.

Maneuvering the crowded aisles for school supplies isn’t everybody’s idea of fun, but taking your child with to pick out and personalize their items gives them the opportunity to add their own style to the school day. This is a great way to build excitement and ask questions about their classes and what they are most looking forward to.

As the month goes on it is important to take a step back and evaluate your emotions; what are you looking forward to? Stressed about? Wish you had done...and could you still do it? By recognizing your own emotions you can take actions to validate them. Asking your child questions about how they feel is also important. Balancing the good things with the scary things will allow them to look forward to their first day of school. If your child is worried that they will miss home, tucking a family photo into their school bag or a handwritten note for them to have will give them the support they need as they adjust to their new surroundings. Instead of scrambling the night before Day #1, let your child pick out their favorite food or dessert for dinner. Heading to school is an achievement and an adventure, not a chore, and having this attitude will add excitement to the event.

Relaxation techniques to incorporate are deep breathing and visualization. Take a few minutes to find a quiet and comfortable place to sit down and close your eyes. The rule of 3; inhale to the count of three, hold to the count of three, and exhale to the count of three; will guarantee a deep breath that simultaneously relaxes tense shoulders and jaw muscles as well as release tension in your core. Taking deep breaths for a few minutes is all that is needed for hours of clarity. Visualization is another useful technique and it involves closing your eyes and imagining your “Happy Place”. This is a vivid memory or a vision of a time and place where you are happy and at peace. It serves as a mental reminder that your current situation is temporary.

Planning play-dates with their classmates, scheduling after school activities, squeezing in family time, and picking out a new outfit for the first day are all things to make the transition from summer to school easier for everyone. Focusing on the best of these changes and finding ways to manage stress during them will help to close the summer and start autumn on the right foot.

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