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Social Art Project: Part 1

Hi Everyone!

I have a space for another piece of art to hang on my wall, so I thought to myself - why not create one??

Then after thinking about it for a while, I had the idea to crowd-source a bunch of images from others, and then craft them into a single image. A social artwork, for lack of a better term. It should be interesting, not sure what to expect, but I'm hoping for something unique.

So, in this first part, what I need from everyone are images of items, things, people, or views that bring you happiness. It could literally be anything. Please just remember one thing... I have to be able to put it on my wall in my business. So there are some limits to the content. Also, if you are going to have someone visible, please be creative and find a way to photograph them that protects their anonymity.

To submit the picture, please either post it as a reply to my facebook posting or email me the pic.

Multiple submissions are also welcome, so get you camera(phone) out and start snapping.

That's all for now! Thanks in advance!!

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