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Dear Mr. Officer

Dear Mr. Officer:

I wake another day to the news of another shot, another death, another loss.

The decision of life and death should not be in your hands, but it is.

Yes, Sir, I am a Black man.

But I am also more than the color of my skin.

I am a doctor, a healer, a helper, a husband, a friend, a contributor, a scholar, and a neighbor.

I share the same space as you on this planet, I breathe the same air, and I eat the same food.

I am not an exception. I am not an outlier. I am very much part of Black America. I am very much part of America. To suggest otherwise, would be unjust.

Today I learned that lawfully carrying a weapon is another white privilege. The list continues to grow.

I carry no weapon. I carry no harmful will. I carry no malicious intent.

I leave THIS in your hands.

~ Dr. Vincent Miles

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